Why Going Camping Is So Popular

Camping is one of the most popular pastimes in the USA. It estimated that this year over 50 million Americans will spend 15 of their days camping. They go camping in their tents or RVs. There is a choice of 58 national parks which are set aside for camping. It seems strange that in a country that is so technological advanced that getting back to nature with camping is so popular.

It really started as part of the culture in the 1920s and has grown from there. Kids grow up with their families going on camping vacations with their families. It is time when many families meet up for a reunion. It is a fabulous time for dads and sons to get to know each other better and bond. It seems the memories of camping when we look back on our childhood hold a favorite position, as being amongst the best. All the other days seem to merge into one. But the time spent camping out in the natural world see to stand out. You can recall seeing so many stars that you just don’t get to see in the city. There is a peace and a quiet of camping which gives the family space to bond with each other. When you are tied up in the pace of everyday of life there are many things that are left unspoken.


The time spent sitting around a campfire is the time parents tell stories about when they were growing up, their philosophy of life and other bits of wisdom. And of course it is a time to tell some great ghost stories. So, it is only natural that parents want to share this experience with their children. In this way, camping with family continues to favorite pastime that is passed from one generation to the next. Because of this it is little wonder, although its not that old, it has become a traditional national pastime that is fun for all the family The only thing that seems to stay constant in this ever changing world of scientific advancement and fashions, is the natural world. When at home, it can be that there is no common ground for families to come together, but camping provides that ground, unlike when staying in a hotel or other types of accommodation.

In addition, as people become more and more divorced from the natural world through technology there seems to a yearning of the human spirit to experience the natural world. There is a void that can only be filled by going back to nature. Part of our soul seems to get lost when living in towns and cities and camping provides a way of connecting. We seem to get a sense of belonging that is only possible through camping. It gives us time and a location to reflect on our lives and see the land the way our ancestors saw it and also gives us a sense of a place that will live long after us. It’s like the feeling expressed in the song from The Lion King – The Circle Of Life.

When you are stuck in a city you can forget all about nature. You can get stressed rushing from place to place, doing things, trying to achieve more and pay the bills too. When you go camping in tents or RV’s you get experience a sense of harmony and belonging that is in stark contrast to what you find in the city. There is a peace and quiet instead of being stressed and rushing here, there and everywhere.

Camping definitely is fun and is being passed down through the generations. People keep on coming back to it every year. Even those that don’t like camping can agree on the fact that there is something awe inspiring about nature. It seems that even though the pace of life continues to moves on, and things are constantly changing, going camping remains a very enjoyable experience for many people.

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